Cannot reclaim space after deleting files

I recently deleted about 1 gig of files from the drive. I do this from the phone app, as it removes the directory entry immediately. I have also read that it may take 24 hours or more for WD Discovery to show the space as having been reclaimed.

However, I have been running the drive constantly, day and night, for three days now, and the drive still shows as almost full. I can hear the drive running, and the light is on constantly (not blinking).

Since installing this drive a year ago, I have set up access to it’s power source by remote control using a phone app. It is blue tooth operated. I do this because there is no way to make the drive “spin down” when it is idle. I only need the drive to be active when I need to do a manual backup, or when I need to access the drive remotely to download a file.

How much longer should I have to wait for this thing to do whatever internal cleanup is needed to show the true amount of space available? Am I going to have to do a “hard” reset and start over from scratch?

I previously owned a pair of My Cloud drives, but they proved to be totally unreliable and I got rid of them. On a salesman’s advice, I went for the My Cloud Home as a replacement. In spite of it’s own set of idiosyncrasies, I’ve been happy with it. But I would like an answer to this question.

And I apologize for the long post – my experience with these forums has been that it is better to post more information than not enough.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Same issue?

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Yeah, same thing. I deleted two old backups (around 500g each). After four days and nights, it FINALLY showed around half of the reclaimed space. Hopefully in another day or so it will all be there. Next time I won’t delete so much at once. Doing the deletion from the cell phone app takes the deletions off of the directory immediately, but then it takes forever to reclaim the space. I normally don’t leave the drive powered on unless I’m actually using it.
So I guess I just wait a bit longer. (I have the 4tb one, my brother’s is a 2tb. His takes a while too, but not nearly as long as mine does.)