My Cloud Home - Sync data, folders to and from Windows 10

Hi, I’ve bought WD My Cloud Home 8 TB and I’ve the following problems that I’ve discovered using the product:

  1. I’ve installed WD Discovery on my personal PC with Windows 10 and the app doesn’t show anything about the sync procedure and time required to complete the procedure (like Google Drive assistant, for example). Could it be visible?
  2. Why on Explorer it shows only 7 TB about maximum capacity also when it is empty? From the app the free space is 7.77 TB.
  3. From WD Discovery, in Apps there are WD Backup Software and WD Security. Why aren’t compatible with My Cloud Home even if they’re suggested?
  4. I want to full sync some folders that are in my second SSD-drive and, for semplicity, I’ve created a folder called “My Cloud” and give the command to sync all the content (folder and files). The problem is that when I add something from another device in “My Cloud” folder or rename a file, new or renamed contents aren’t downloaded quickly on my PC. Why? I need to close WD Discovery manually and re-open it to force the sync. No problem when, from the PC I add some content in “My Cloud” folder. Files and folder are uploaded quickly. The problem is the reverse.
  5. From my Android, if I want to upload only a photo (not activate a full backup) the upload is done only when Wi-Fi is connected, not in 4G connection.