6TB MyCloud 95% full?

My 6TB MyCloud drive is showing 95% full but There is no way that I have 6TB full. How can I identify large files? Is there a utility that can identify large files? Is there some glitch that makes the drive look full? How can I clean the drive up?

My 6TB EX2 suddenly showed that I had 37MB left! This was after the FW update. I can file explorer into shares subfolders. I believe TreeSize free by JAM software will scan a single network drive.(Didn’t think about using that until now) Under shares management on the dashboard, as you highlight each share the center panel will show the settings of each share. Under those settings it will show the the size of the WHOLE share.
I currently am without my EX2 because I am still attempting to get my files moved and I have lost connectivity with the EXT2 and I willing to wait up to 2 days or the red LED goes out.

Because your using an EX2 you may have better luck if you haven’t done so already in the EX2 subforum since this subform is generally for the single bay My Cloud units.


Maybe a backup program created too many backup generations on the device?

If you have created folders on the device, you can take a quick look on their capacities from within the Web UI of the My Cloud under Folders. Click each folder name and you see the amount of data stored in each folder.

When I look at my biggest folder, I don’t see folder size and there is no option for folder size when I right or left click. When I left click I see my subfolders and they don’t list sizes. I can drill all the way down and I only see file sizes for individual files, never for folders.

Thanks for replying!

I think what Joerg_A was talking about was viewing each Share (folder) on the WD My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page. When one selects a Share, at least under the v4.x firmware, on the Dashboard Shares page it should show a “Usage”.

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Thanks, Bennor! Yes.
Just created the screenshot but you posted faster :wink:

First, thanks very much for your replies.

These are screen shots of what I am seeing:

Alex Walker

You are not NOT using the WD My Cloud Dashboard. You are using the MyCloud.com web portal.

To access the My Cloud Dashboard you use the My Cloud name, for example: http://wdmycloud, or the My Cloud IP Address, for example in your web browser while on your local network.


Got it! Yes, I see 5 TB in one share. Then, there is a capacity chart
that shows I have 5.1 TB in “Other.” When I go look at what is in that
share, by using the web portal, there is nothing that adds up to 5.1 TB. I
am trying to delete the share. It’s taking a while.

Alex Walker

When I deleted the share, I’m back down to 97% available now. Thanks for
your help!

Alex Walker