New Firmware 04.04.01-112

The problem of the restsdk-serverd process writing to the /var/log/user.log every 10 seconds has not been fixed.

I have the same problem, @rac8006, do you have remote access turned off ? (i think that the issue only exists with remote access turned off)

That is correct I have remote access turned off. What I do is I stop the restsdk-serverd process. I’m not sure what the process is really supposed to do. Something to do with software development kit. Which I don’t need.


If you turn the restsdk process back on and leave the remote access off you will see a new errors in user.log file every 10 seconds, but if you turn the remote access on there are no new errors … hovewer YMMV :smile: Can someone from @wdstaff tell us what is this process for ?

REST SDK is the SDK process for the REST API.
More information can be obtained here.

Hope this helps
Samuel Brown

Why is that not an optional process. Most people are not going to be using the api unless WD software is now using this feature. If the process is necessary why does it write to disk every ten seconds if remote access of turned off.


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