WD My Cloud always working - Why?

Hello All, Am I the only one having this issue ?
When I touch My hd WD My Cloud 3T with my hand I can feel it working hard !! Also I can hear the disk working … why ? I’m not actually accessing on it, it is not mapped, I’ve no user configured (I’m the only one) and I don’t configured the WD SmartWare. So who is working with my cloud ??? Western Digital ?

Do you have remote access enabled? If not then you are probably writing to the /var/log/user.log.
do the following command:
sh /etc/rc2.d/S20restsdk-serverd stop

This should stop the writes to disk when remote access is not enabled.


@rac8006 same problem again ? I’m wondering if WD is going to do something about this errors written by RESTSDK process in user.log.