New external HDD advice please

So, my current setup is

SMP connected to a 320GB WD Passport, and a 1TB WD My Book World NAS.

This works fine and dandy, but the NAS seems to have difficulty streaming files that are larger than 2GB over the wireless network. And the Passport is working fine, but it fills up really easily.

So, do i get a 3TB WD Elements USB HDD for €134, or do i get the 3TB WD My Book Live for €154.

Both have the same size HDD so space won’t be an issue, i’d prefer to continue using a NAS set up, but will the My Book Live be quicker over the wireless network than the My Book World? If that was the case i could stream my movies (usually around 6 - 10gig) in size. Do people manage to stream files of that size without issue?

Or if i went with the elements HDD, is it noisy?

Thanks for any advice.

I have the WD My Book 2TB and it does great. Stick with the WD products with the SMP and never have any issues.

If you want to stick with holding your movies on the NAS, then how about switching to ‘wired ethernet’? I use PowerLine AV 200 devices and they seem much more reliable than wireless in my case. It is the bitrate rather than the file size which is usually the problem for me.