Problems with 3tb NAS?

Hey, all. I underestimated the amount of storage I’d need for my movies and am now on the lookout for another external hard drive. I’m thinking of a 3tb drive. I use the WD TV Live SMP with a WD 2tb now, and it works fine. I’ve heard some players have trouble accessing files on drives larger than 2tb. Does any kind person know if this holds true for NAS, and if that’s the case for this player? I’m assuming it’s a non-issue, but would hate to waste the money :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a lot of my media on 3 x 3tb WD My Book Live NASs and they work fine.

Steve W

It is indeed a non-issue.   There is no size limitation when it comes to NAS.

Thanks, guys! You rock!