Where are we with USB HDDS, USB hubs, etc?

What’s the current position wth HDDs attached via USBs?  Any trouble with size limits, etc?

And USB hubs.  I tried when I first got the SMP, but it was a case of sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.  I currently have most of my media on networks drives, but I still have 2 x 2tb HDDs attached (one front one back).

In an ideal world I’d like most od my media on two 6tb HDDs attached to a hub at the back.

Would anyone care to share their experiences - what works and what doesn’t.

Steve W

No personal experience with hubs, but i have seen comments on another forums saying they use one on the SMP.

I had a feeling that 3TB was the max size, I’m sure i read that somewhere a while back but that could have changed. Like you i am using 2 x 2TB usb drives.

Sorry i cant be more help