Swapping USB HDD Hub to my PC

I currently have a USB Hub with 4 USB HDDs connected to my SMP, but it’s ‘intermitent’ at best.

I’m thinking of moving the hub to my PC, where it works very well.

My PC & SMP will both be connected via ethernet cable to my router, and I’ll access my media that way, rather than through direct USB connection.

Would this cause me any problems?  I’m aware that Media Library & scraping won’t work in this format at the moment, but I’m presuming they will soon (they appear to work fine on the WTV Live Hub).

My main concerns are speed, and the hub starting to have similar problems with the PC as they do with the SMP.  Are these issues using the player in this way, or are there any other issues which have by-passed me?  Cheers.

Oh, and presumably I’ll need to have my PC switched on when I wish to watch or listen to anything, right?

Many thanks.

Steve W

It will depend of your network configuration and speed, I  have spend hours playing with my network and making sure that I don’t have a bottleneck. You should be able to stream your movies without any issue.

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