New EX2 Ultra drives

I have a WD Ex2 Ultra. It was purchased with two 2TB drives. I would like to change to larger drives (2x3TB or 2x4TB). Will it work with larger drives?
Do I need to buy WD RED drives or can I use Seagate Ironwolf or Toshiba N300 drives?

HI @solojack1977

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I have tested on a few of my NAS units using all Seagate Ironwolf
seems ok after 6 months
You may want to note any temperature changes or extra noise in your use area.

my local store has WD RED pro on sale sometimes so I have backups if needed.

I do make all disks in a single NAS all the same type and model

I’ve had a WD Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB drive in mine for over a year now. No issues whatever.

Hi, is the EX2Ultra drive compatibility list current? It seems very limited and at the top of the page it states 4k drives are not compatible, yet elsewhere on your site it states even the basic Red drives are now 4k. Before we even get in to other vendors drives can you get a definitive list of what WD drives will work in the EX2Ultra please?
Many thanks

Thank you for the information, maybe this time I will buy Ironwolf.
I’m still wondering if if I put 2x4TB in there will it work without problems? I originally bought 2x2TB but I’m thinking about increasing the space. I have 2 USB drives connected, but it’s better to have more on two internal drives in RAID.

I found at one time that the 4 TB disk had the best price and it was cheaper to get a second NAS than to pay for 8 TB disks.

I see the disk tables have not been updated to follow the new larger disk size !

Hope some one has tried - but We could look and see what other NAS vendors with units from about the same time line recommend .

My other NAS DS920+ has the same iron wolf 4 TB as my WD NAS units.

Pretty much any drive will work in the MyClouds. But I would seriously consider upping the drive capacity even more - you will soon run out of space with 2x4TB. 2x10TB seems to be the sweet spot right now, price wise, and they work just fine in the MyCloud.

I bought my EX2 Ultra already factory equipped with 2 x 4TB WD Red drives so there’s no problem using 2x4TB drives.