New EX2 Ultra drives

I have a WD Ex2 Ultra. It was purchased with two 2TB drives. I would like to change to larger drives (2x3TB or 2x4TB). Will it work with larger drives?
Do I need to buy WD RED drives or can I use Seagate Ironwolf or Toshiba N300 drives?

HI @solojack1977

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I have tested on a few of my NAS units using all Seagate Ironwolf
seems ok after 6 months
You may want to note any temperature changes or extra noise in your use area.

my local store has WD RED pro on sale sometimes so I have backups if needed.

I do make all disks in a single NAS all the same type and model