Can i use Seagate ironwolf 10tB

I have two piece Ironwolf 10 TB can i use it any wd device?

Update - Im using dual 10 TB Ironwolf (Total 20 TB) on PR2100

i doubt it. But you can very well try one of the disc and see if it is recognising it. As per the spec sheet it cant support max of 8tb additional 2tb is not going to hurt but reliability is a big deal here.

So check if the 1 of the disc is working fine. Then add the 2nd one. As high capcity comes with addressing problems. More over these are helium based drives. May not be operable in WD nas well. May be better with Segate nas. As far the WD nas ex2 it has very limited cooling only suited for the WD based NAS drives red.

NAS are not identitcal to the desktop hdd. Many say desktop hdd works well. But the reliability or life span is what decides . It is not said any where it wont work. it was mentioned that it is not recomended or certified.

Hope this clarifies the doubt…

Thank you for response. I have already two hdd. Can i run it with pr2100?
Can it cool?

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Yeah that is more better than Ex2. Those are professional grade and even can support it.

There is model with 20TB recently released. So ensure you have the latest firmware and you are ready to go,

This is recent firmware.


Ty for response. I will buy it

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wait . Do you have the wd ex2 ultra.

it seems the recent changes to firmware increase the support for the 10tb drives.

So if you already own one just use it. No need costly PR2100 unless you need Plex streaming . As Ex2 ultra also not even compactible for 1080p streaming or downgraded streaming.

So you actually fine with ex2 ultra . Not the older ex2.

if you have budget go for pr2100 or else stick to wd ex2 ultra or even ex2100 or ex4100 .

These are expandable with dual Lan port for faster access.

I dont have ex2 ultra or pr2100. I will buy it ex2 ultra or pr 2100. If you
say ex2 ultra will work your 10tb ironwolf x2 than i will buy it ex2 ultra…

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I just wonder something. Im used asustor… Its very loud when device write
hdd or process something. I used before my cloud mirror. It was silent.
Which are most silent? Pr2100 or ex2 ultra

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I would suggest to go for PR2100. As its pro series and more robust and future proof. If you have budget.

If you are under strict budget and dont want plex server running for streaming. Then go for ex2 ultra. It is decent NAS with read and write speed above 100MB/s

But ex2 ultra wont support plex even though it can install and run the app. Most of the stream is off on this .

coming to silent part both can be louder . As far i see ultra have very small fan it can hit 10000 rpm.

I believe PR2100 have bigger fan so it can be little less noisier . But i did not feel much noise with my ex2 ultra most of the time it is cool. Only during heavy read or write it goes upto 10000 rpm which is hearable. At night i never hear it at all. Or most of the time.

I would suggest to go by application and needs of the usage you want. More future proof and faster or entry level.

As this is 10tb you are tradding with. So go for best.

Ty for all response and patience

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With the latest firmware, the EX2 Ultra should be fine with the Ironwolf Pro drives, even 10TB. I cannot say for certain, but I am using a 6TB Barracuda Pro in mine, with a 10TB HGST UltraStar “helium” on order. I paid $260 for it, because I had a 20% discount for a single item on eBay. They are still available from Altatec in LA for $325 on eBay, but selling fast. I don’t know why the other answer seems to be negative with respect to “helium” drives. HGST is owned by WD and both the WD Gold and Red Pro 10TB drives are helium-based. They run cooler and quiter than air filled devices. The new 12TB drives from Hitachi, WD & Seagate are ALL helium filled. Of course they are still $650-$950 (or more) if you can find them, and I am sure that they are not supposed to be supported, anyway.

It is not negative. I would say the air flow for these drives are needed as it is not in pc with some airflow with nowadays with minimum of 4- 12 fans possible to keep the system cool.

All i see many are running external coolers for the ex2 ultra as most of the time they see is high temps or fans running at 10k rpm with not a immediate effect ot cool then down. As these small fans many push air but it is very limited than a normal 90mm fans can push.

yes i do see a 10tb model available. But i would say if you can afford for the 10tb then go for the PR series as it makes this high capcity more usefull. As those are quad core and needed for future re-build.

I have even noticed some says the re-build with even 4tb is taking a day + to do and with no sign of eta.

So i wont risk it if i can get 2x10tb will put in a powerfull box unless i am not planning on raid.

Understood. It’s hard to read between the lines or determine inflection reading posts here.

I agree, it’s not the best situation for cooling, but these large helium-filled drives - in general - run cooler. I did a little poking around this morning, and even though it’s not in the spec-sheets or documentation, I know that all WD branded 10TB drives are helio-sealed, and some of the 8TB drives are, maybe all of them? Not certain. It doesn’t say anything about that in any of the cut sheets except for the “Purple” (Surveillance) version, and those do (at least in the latest one online) show that both the 8TB and 10TB drives are helium filled.

With drives getting larger and larger (12TB are available, although just like 10TB drives were at first - terribly expensive - and 14TB drives have been announced), heading quickly for the 16TB single spindle units, it’s only a matter of time before the lower end devices like EX2 even “Ultra” need upgrades to keep up.

My 6TB Barracuda Pro tends to be pretty quiet, although I see the fan running around 4K most of the time. I suspect that if I pulled it out and replaced it with the new 10TB HGST Ultrastar “he10” it would actually be quieter (because it’s cooler).

I can’t afford to just go spend coin without justification either, but when I saw them for $325 and had a 20% discount, I figured at $260 I wasn’t likely to see that price again soon.

I also noticed that after I posted about those being available here two days ago, the remaining 180 units (out of 500) sold within about 24 hours, so somebody wants them! (and can afford them)

Can i use my cloud app for windows with PR2100 or should i try network drive

Hi, I have a question regarding running Seagate Ironwolf drives in a My Cloud EX2 Ultra. I purchased a disk-less EX2 Ultra, and because I’m new to NAS and there was no material stating any incompatibilities between the EX2 Ultra and third party drives, I got 2 3TB Seagate Ironwolf disks to run in it.

So, everything arrived, I installed the drives, and it didn’t ■■■■■■■ work–which is when I discovered the incompatibility issue on the support page. Pretty rad. Thanks for the clarity, WD!

Anyhoo, it sounds like some people might be running non-WD drives in the EX2 Ultra, but I can’t find any info on how to format the drives so the EX2 Ultra will recognize them.

Can anyone assist in making this happen?

Or should I go a different route, like returning the WD device and buying something like a QNAP, that doesn’t lock people into one drive manufacturer?

Thanks for any and all help!

Im using PR2100 in 10TB Dual Seagate ıronwolf (total 20 TB)

Did you have to do anything special to make them work or did the unit recognize the drives? My EX2 Ultra doesn’t recognize the Seagate drives at all.

Just be sure to fit there (it is been very hard for me ) and update your firmware. Usually firmware problem. When i ask to WD manager they did not say anything to me clearly. Only they said, use bigger case(like PR series) for big storage. 'cause they need more air for cooling but i never encountered this situation. I never hear a any fan loud. But i am happy with PR case.