New 2TB My Book Live - option to directly connect


I would greatly appreciate your working advice on this:

I recently purchased a 2tb MBL and need to transfer files over 1.5tb into it. As you can imagine, a wireless transfer option translates to hours of painful waiting.

  • How do I connect my MBL directly to my PC to be able to do a simple drag and drop transfer

options please

  • Secondly, will a reset option on my MBL delete all my files?



  1. To copy your files, connect the network cable that came with the MBL directly from your computer to the MBL. Reboot them both.

If you are using Windows, tell it that you are on a Home Network. You should see the MBL in your Network places and be able to copy at whatever speed your network card is.

  1. The reset button on the MBL does not delete your files. It returns the network settings and admin password to factory defaults. That is all.

If you go into the User Interface of the MBL there is an option to do a Quick or Full factory restore. These will delete all your data.

tell it that you are on a Home Network.


I use windows 7. how do i tell it i am on home network?..

I can see something called Homegroup though. pls help

Click on the network icon that is by your clock (it looks like a monitor with something in the upper left corner), then choose “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

The top diagram should show your computer on the far left. Just below that is your network type. It will either say Home, Work, or Public. 

If you need to change the type, click on the current type and it will let you change it.