MyBookLive to MyBookLive... transfer

Hello all,

I just received my 2nd MBL 2TB drive.  I had to buy another since I believe my 1st is going bad (hoping not but just in case).   Anyway, on the old MBL i have the last firmware, on the new MLB the newest, so I am unable to use a safepoint network backup from old to new…

When trying to transfer (copy/paste, wish I knew a better way) from old to new my transfer speeds are retarded slow, less than 1MB.  I am using an E4200 Linksys router so I should be able to max out at close to 56MBps, if everything is perfect.

Any suggestions would be awesome. I searched and searched for this answer but alas, I came up empty.

If you do a copy/paste from your laptop/PC, all traffic will be routed thru your computer.

MBL Old to PC to MBL new.

It will not copy directly.

To copy directly, you will need SSH access and some Linux skills. Not recommended if you have no experience.

I appreciate the reply but I believe if I am pointed in the right direction I can get this done.  I am able to log into SSH using Putty but once I get there I am at a standstill.

Any other people out there that me be able to help me out?

I copied many files to and from MBL to other drives…why wont they transfer?

I would think you could just highlight them, and drag them to their new folder…thats what I always did with my 2 TB MBL.

from a MBL to a MBL you want to avoid copy/paste or drag/drop via the PC, otherwise, all traffic goes thru it.

But check this out.