Need Help ASAP

Hi Everyone,
unfortunatly i’m not a super expert, i will say a really beginner…
I’ve got this WD My book Live some years ago, and just last week i realize that i can’t access anymore from the web or from the router where is normally connected.
Now the disk (4T) it’s almost full of memories that I need back, or at least copy to another HD…
I been trying everything i know to connect to my mac even with Lan … but nothing.

There is a way to get all the data inside? i’m using mac OS so please if you have a experience on that. help please.

Thank you

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I’m not an expert either, however…

Have you tried using a different ethernet cable connected to a different port on your router?

If you go to http://mybooklive in a browser, do you see the dashboard? If so, try rebooting:
Click Settings
Click the Utilities tab
Click Reboot/Shutdown
Click Reboot Device
Click Yes.
Wait for the reboot to complete

If your computer has an ethernet port, have you tried connecting the MBL directly to the computer using these instructions:

Have you tried resetting the MBL: Pin Reset and System Only Restore My Book Live & My Book Live Duo Instructions

For any experts who might respond, you might answer the following questions:
What color is the led on the front of your MBL?
When you log into your router, does the MBL show up in the client list?

As a LAST RESORT, and AT YOUR OWN RISK, there are YouTube videos explaining how to remove the drive from the MBL case (I think this will destroy the case, so there is no going back). Then you can install the drive in an enclosure that can be plugged into your computer’s USB port.

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Thank you man,

First of all i can’t see on http://mybooklive , but i can see only in the network… I’m trying to copy every single file i need , but will take quite a while (better then nothing), even because something the MBL became unavailable.
When you try to resetting do you will lose all the data inside?

Color of led yellow/white blinking
When you log into your router, does the MBL show up in the client list? No but i can see only in the network list.
Please let me know

Like I said, I’m not an expert. It sounds like you can see the files on the drive and can copy them to another drive? If you can do that, even slowly, that seems like the best bet till someone else has a better suggestion.

According to the document I referenced, pressing the reset button does not delete your files.

Yellow / white LED means the drive is not fully booted up. Fully booted up it will be either blue (standby) or green (active). See My Book Live & My Book Live Duo: LED Behavior

Again, not being an expert, the next thing I would try is unplugging the power cord, wait half a minute, then plug it back in and see if it boots up successfully (all the way to a green LED).

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Have you tried not going through the router/network? It’s just a regular hard drive at the end of the day. At least you can get to your files that way.


And if you want an upgrade from your My Book Live since it’s an old product if your product matches.