Network Sharing a WD 1TB USB Hard Drive with WD TV Live


I couldn’t find another post similar to mine so I thought I would begin a new thread.

Here is my current configuration:

PC running Windows 7 that is connected to my Home LAN

WD 1TB external hard drive connected via USB to my PC

WD TV Live product connected via Ethernet to my Home LAN

I have walked through all the network sharing techniques I could find with no luck.

I know the WD TV Live is connected to the Internet because it can access FW updates.

I know that my PC can see my WD TV Live connected to the Home LAN because I can see the “WDTVLIVE” default network name.

I did a small test by copying over a movie that was on my 1TB external hard drive to a Videos folder on my PC.

My WD TV Live was able to see it and play it over the network.

It appears that I’ve narrowed down my issue.   For some reason, my WD TV Live will not see the USB external hard drive that is connected to my PC.

Any file I have on my internal PC hard drive that is in the shared folder works fine.

Can anyone help?  This is the main reason why I bought the product in the first place.

I wanted to create a home movie network.

Is there another or better configuration that I’m overlooking?




Do you have the external drive shared on the network?

You goes to my computer, right click on the drive and select share with. after that goes to advance sharing and select the folder that you want to share or you can share the hole drive.