Network Shares/Passwords/Everything

Looks like several others have the same problem:

I’m using Windows 7, using wireless usb adapter, it’s seeing my network fine and I’m logged in. 

a. In WD Discovery, I click Map Network Drive and Browse Network Shares, and get “No Network Shares Available.”

b. In the WD LIve TV menus, I get either Network Share Not Available or “Invalid Password.”

c. What is the password?  I’ve tried every combo of my router passwords, the password Windows gave me when I created the network, leaving it “Anonymous/password blank,” but nothing is working

d. I opened Windows Media Player and it added some video from a “Movies” folder, and a bunch of music, but I can only view the video in the Media Server option, not network shares, and no music appears no matter how I try. 

e. Is there any way to get the File Management to work?

I’m thinking of just smashing this thing into tiny bits. 

a)  Forget using WD Discovery.   It’s worthless.

Do you actually have SHARES configured correctly on your Windows 7 system?

Check the FAQ: