WD will not access network shares

My computer dead and I had to install everything.
My WD media player will not log onto or recognize my Network share to access my videos and pictures.
I cannot get any help with this issue! I am willing to pay!

Any and all help is appreciated!!

I suppose there could be a number of reasons why, but assuming your WDTV sees your network, but just not the shares, here is a common reason and solution, if this doesn’t fix problem, let us know:

Hi and thanks
Historically, I had this all set up sweet. No, I’m blowing my mind…
My wd is connected to wi-fi! Yea!

I got to network share and get the spinning circle.
I got to my win 8.1 pc, have everything shared and set as I’m supposed
to, or so I think… If I could get a solid walk through over those
steps, I believe I would catch an error in there…

The link below, is a password issue, I dont even get the far along…

Many thanks

I got it set up to watch video etc, through media shares…

Peace & Love,

Denny G

Do you mean (instead of media shares) “Media server”, and you also can’t get “Network shares” to work? Media server only decodes and “sends” DLNA material (from your server) to the WDTV (but ISO files cannot be viewed this way), whereas Network shares is the harder one to set up in many cases, but necessary for many uses of WDTV

It is different – it Is like accessing a shared drive on your computer. This is also the only way to view ISO image files like DVD movies, because a Media server inside your network server cannot play from ISO files – it can only play from a small subset of video files (an ISO is not a video file).

The WDTV has the hardware inside to play from ISO file, and it “pulls” the ISO file from server to it so it can be played directly by WDTV.

Hope this was all clear to understand. Anyway, refer to the WDTV complete user manual for how to setup Network shares access. I use it all the time, and hardly ever use Media server except to play music playlists, since this is one thing Network shares cannot do.

Can you link me to this “how to” set up for Network shares?

My main goal is to play videos using, Network Share / Windows shares…


I was editing above message, and in it I tell you to refer to WDTV manual. Re-read my above post so you see all my edits.