'No network share available'?


I can’t get the network sharing to work :s

When I open WD Discovery, it does show me my WDTV LIVE, then on the right I get:

MAP NETWORK DRIVE (but when I click this, it says: ‘No network share available’ )

What could be wrong? I have several folders on my computer shared … Or do I need to do some other things first?

When I look on my WDTV LIVE itself via Network Shares, I get: no media is available :frowning:

Hope someone can help me!

Welcome to the forums.

There are a couple of things you need to make sure of.  First, make sure your workgroup name on your computer is named “WORKGROUP”.  Then when you share a folder take off the password and add “Everyone” to the share.  Finally, reset your Live unit (use the Reset in the settings menu) and reestablish your connection.  Wait about a minute after it comes on before you try accessing the shares, and then another 30 seconds or so after you first choose “Video” before you choose Net Shares.

I had the same problem with my network shares… I am using a wireless USB adapter for my TV LIVE PLUS.

I have Windows XP.

1.  I undid my standard shared folder settings within “My Computer” then I waited a few minutes, refreshed my screen.  I shared only the 2 folders which contain my mp3’s and a few videos to be used with my TV LIVE PLUS.

2.  Go into “My Network Places” and selected "Set up a wireless network for a home or small office. This runs the Wireless Network Set Up Wizard.

3.  Follow the onscreen instructions as far as setting up your SSID, encryption,etc… This worked right away.

4.  Note, I did have to restart my WD unit once or twice for my network shared settings/folders to be recognized.

     I did not run the WD Discovery program when I did this last night. I will run tonight to see if settings were saved/stored and recognized by the WD Discovery program.