Network Shares Instability/Issues

Before I start, I’m using the WDTV SMP with an old firmware (V1.something - I’ll go find out the exact version if anyone thinks it is important). I’m streaming my media from a shared folder on my PC via wifi.

So, my shares were continuously dropping out and I would not be able to regain access to them without restarting the WDTV and my PC + lengthy waiting periods while the arrow circle went round and round trying to find my shares. This was happening regularly.

The problem seems to have gone away finally, so wanted to share what I did in case this helps someone else out there.

Taking advice from here: I enable netbios over tcpip and checked that the computer browser service and ssd discovery service were started (which the were). I have not had a single problem with my network shares since!

Now I should say that I have tried many different things, and that it could be a combination of those changes over time, but this latest change produced an instant improvement.

I hope this helps someone :smile:
If this has already been discussed elsewhere, sorry for the duplication, but I never found it in my extensive search for an answer…

Hello Rob,

Thanks for sharing this with the community.