Losing Network Share after a while

First of all, I’d just like to say thank you to the people who made the posts with explanations on initial setup.

Now my main problem is that once I get in to my PC through Network Shares, and access all my media, I must stay logged in, otherwise if I log out, it losses the Network Share, and I end up having to restart both my computer and the WDTV Live box in order for it to find it again. From what I understand it’s a problem involving Win7 (I’m on 64bit), but all the posts I found relating to this are old and I don’t know if there is any update on this.

Another issue I’m having is .mkv files won’t play through the network cable, horrible picture and sound lag (almost comes to a complete stop after a couple of minutes), at first when I found others having problems such as this I thought it was the issue of not having DTS decoder on TV, but when I try the same file through a USB stick it works fine - I’m using a cat5 cable and somebody told me to try a cat6 which I still didn’t get.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I saw this box at my friend’s house and how well it was working for him, so I decided to get one as well, and while I can get most things to work at the end, it’s still frustrating having to restart everything every so often.

If you need any more info about anything I’m using I’ll gladly provide it.


Not a single reply? Even a “it’s a common issue, no fix yet” statement would make me feel better.

I have no idea why logging out of your PC would cause the network share to fail.

So, no “It’s a common issue.  no fix yet”   It’s not.   In fact, I doubt that it’s the WD’s issue at all.    If the PC is kicking the WD out because you log out, it might be a security policy configuration or some-such on your PC…

In fact, you ought to be able to access the shared folder from the WD even if NO ONE is logged into the computer.

So, you’re saying you can:

   Boot the computer

   Leave it alone.

   Start the WD.

   Access the drive.

   Start a movie.

   Log onto the PC … Movie sitll plays.

   Log off the PC … Movie dies, and share disappears?

Sorry for wording it poorly, I meant when I logout of the Shared Network on the WDTV, it loses the network share, I see nothing. I have to restarted the computer and my WDTV for it to locate it again, I’m beginning to think it has something to do with the network chipset on the mboard.

But if I basically keep my WDTV always logged in and never turn it off, I don’t have any cut off problems.

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps: