Lost Network Shares

I have only updated ONCE to a new firmware and that firmware was 1.06.16_B

I was one of the lucky ones that had no issues with the firmware. Not one thing … until today.

For whatever reason, I can not get into Network Shares folder that I was just in, last night. I do not get any errors, I just click on Network Shares icon on my player as I always do but this time nothing happens. I do not see HOME_PC as I usually do. It doesnt even move over.

I check all settings in the player and it says connection is good. Has my IP and everything. On my PC I can see my 1TB HDD I have connected to the player and see every file. It’s like I can look in but cant look out.

How can I see the player from my PC and have a look at a HDD and it’s data but the player cant look into my PC ?

If anyone has anything perhaps I missed that may have, for whatever reason, been changed, please advise. This is really upsetting and for sure wont update to any other firmware.

Like I said, this firmware has treated me well unlike many others and really no reason for me to complain about other updates as I was fine. Now all of a sudden this dreaded Netwok issue pops up.

I have made NO changes to anything. I am connected to my router via RJ45

You can try powercycling the WDTV/Router and computer, and then check if the problem continues.

Actaully, last night I reset my player to factory and re-entered all network info. Nothing.

So I figured I could try a router reboot (not reset) and that worked.

Not sure what happened or even why I had half the network ability, but I did.

Well this is bugging me know …

So I just went to watch a movie and no Network Shares … AGAIN !

I’ll have to reboot my router every time I want to stream from my PC !?

How did this all of a sudden start doing this ? Could it be my new router ?

I went from a WRT120N to an EA3500 but not seeing how that can be an issue.

Anyone have suggestions ? This is really strange since it has always worked fine.

All I can think of is the new router … ?