Network shares suddenly stop transmiting video (MKV, MPG, AVI) and Youtube as well


 I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player couple of years old P/N WDBHG70000NBK-01    S/N [Deleted]   that unfortunately is out of warranty.

I have been using it typically for Netflix broadcast services, but when I am trying to use a network share from another computer in my house, like a MAC Mavericks or Windows 7 Premium 64 bits with my WDTV Live, I start whatching any video or movie and it suddenly it stops broadcasting on my TV. 

The network share seems to getis lost, and I have to re-attach into WDTV sharing.

Anyhow I am not able to finish any movie through that option unfortunately, it never mantaings for more than 15 minutes.

I have upgraded to the latest release available, 2.01xx.

Youtube app in particular has a very similar problem, when I start watching a video , it stops and the WDTV reboots itself.

is there any other troubleshoting that can be done to evaluate the equipment? 

is there any local techincal support in Argentina where I can take the equipment to?

Thank you !!!

start by updating your firmware

current firmware is 2.02.32  not 2.01.xx

KAD79 wrote:

start by updating your firmware


current firmware is 2.02.32  not 2.01.xx

That is the last thing I would do based on the numerous posts about how bad 2.02.32  is.

Search these forums for “master browser” and see if that fixes your problem.

Thank you guys for your prompt response!!! 

I have found as Master Browser issue very well known in the comunity

I truly believe that might be the issue, I will try that and let you know the outcome.

What I can see is that the recommendation is to put the router as a Master Browser instead of any computer(no matter it is a MAC nor Windows right?)

I´ll keep you posted !!

Thank you !!!