Network share not showing

Hi Everyone,

OK im not real tech savy so be kind… I have my hub set up so it shows on the pc - can drag and drop files across.  I have  a shared photo folder that shows in Windows Media center  but not on the hub.  When I change the content source on the hub to ‘Network Share’ it comes up with 'No Storage Present"  I have googled and goodled and now am feeling totally all googled out.  If anyone has any Ideas please help. Thanks

Oh should probably mention Im running Version 2.06.10  - thxs

I see you have made quite a few posts here, and for that reason I ask:  Is this a new problem?  Did all work fine in the past?  It just seems like a basic network setup issue to me from what you say, but it it worked before, then I am stumped.

Unfortunately I  have never got this working.  Have always just transferred my stuff over directly to the internal storage.  Any chance you could give me some tips - Thanks

Do you know if your basic network sharing is working between two PCs?  For example, can you view photos, liaten to music, etc. residing on on one PC on a different PC?  If not, then you have not got your network set up properly and need to fix that first.

Can anyone else help this person with some ideas?

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Might try this…

In windows 7 …


under the PUBLIC heading there is a PASSWORD PROTECTION SETTING…Turn that to off…

this helped me…so it might helps you too…

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Thanks for the suggestions.  My password protection is off and the shared folders are showing on another pc. I just cant seem to get the hub to recognize.  Still comes up with “No Storage present”?

Any other ideas greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Does the WORKGROUP name match?

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OMG  !!! That was it had Homegroup instead of workgroup.  Some times in life it is the simple things.

Thanks (dont I feel like a tool now!!!)