Another can not see my network shares

picked up the new WD TV MEDIA PLAYER  went thru setup. I have no problem seeing my other 2 WD 1TB HUBS plus the WD USB MYBOOK HD.  I am running win7 pro have all the folders shared over a wired network. No matter what i try i can not see any network shares!!!  This is my first venture into trying to use shared folders on any of my wd’s and i am failing quite miserably at it :manfrustrated: Any guidance will be greatly appreciated Thank You  Mike


I know that this has been hashed over an over quite a bit!  I belive that i have tried all the suggestions, shared folders,mapped network drive to folder,changed folder security & permissions but it has got me nowhere. What am i missing??? oh and go easy on me cause i know just a little but not enough

EDIT: Issue resolved

Hi, good to see that you solved the issue. 

Please tell me how you resolved your issue. I am having the same problem and have gone through all the steps I can find with no luck.

Thank you

cgaiii it was one of two things or combo ???

one of my other wd devices a live hub had the twonky media server enabled.


my linksys e3000 which i am useing as wifi extender / hub in the basement had the firewall enabled

Diabled both and all is well :smileyvery-happy:

Hope this helps