WD TV Live Hub Connecting but can't view folders/files

Hi, I have a WD TV Live Hub and Windows 7. They connect fine but in the Network folder on windows 7 the Hub only shows up under Media Devices. I think it’s also supposed to show up under Computer too so I can browse files and folders on the Hub from Windows. I don’t think this is a sharing problem but rather a connection problem. However it already connects…I can see all the files when i open windows media player but i cant move/delete/add folders like i would if i could browse the contents of the HD of the Hub.

Hope someone can help here. Thanks in advance.


Make sure you’ve enabled sharing in the Hub’s configuration.

Hi Tony thanks for the responce

Im not sure what you mean by enabled sharing. Everything is turned on in the Settings of the Hub except where it says “Sync Content From A Network Shared Folder” in the Operations part. I have this off because im not syncing and files. Is this what needs to be on? When selecting this option it says: No Storage Device. Again I just want to access the files from Hub on my computer to create/delete folders and move around the files on the Hub like in a browser window.

Thanks again