Network Media Sharing Solution

Okay, lets start!

When i upgare my wd tv live fm to lastest version, than started my problems. Network sharing is one of them… actualy this problem still continues. Vista or Win 7 are okey, but xp has some problem. I could’t connect to my shared files.

I tried to find solution on internet long time. finally i found; Media Sharing… if you have this trouble, follow these steps.

  1. Check your windows media player version.
  2. if version is less than 11, upgrade your player to 11.
  3. Open your wd tv live and be sure wireless is working.
  4. Create library on your win media player folder by folder.
  5. Click to Library > Media Share - You will see WDTV icon
  6. Select icon and click to Allow
  7.  Try to connect from wd tv live with media server selection.

That’s it! I wish pleasant time. Greetings from Turkey…

I’m sorry for my english :slight_smile: