Solution to wdtvlive media streaming player .select content windows share

i updated firmware last night and although every other avenue showed that network communication was fine, when doing Network Share : Windows Share all i would get was the busy signal.  After multiple attempt at correction and many forum hunts i made the attempt to roll back my device firmware.  Unfortunetly, i didn’t know what it was before so after some trial and error, i did this and it solved my problem of no longer having access to files as a network folder. 

Note:  This is for wd tv live media streaming player only

go here:,-wd-tv-live

read instructions and select the 1.14.09 firmware

(i went through 5 firmwares to find this one)

what i did:

Shut down all systems related to network.  computers / router / modem

on wd go to setup / system / reset device - select reset all

once wd is reset, select your language, then for network, click the X button and you can put this in later.

put in the thumb drive and keep moving around on remote till update firmware comes up

it will SAY 2.14 but it actually is the 1.14

let it update reboot etc

once this is done, turn the wd off and remove thumb drive

Restart your modem/router.  some systems it’s modem first then router, other systems its router then modem. 

give a full 30 seconds between each device

turn on wd and then go to setup / network and connect to it

then turn on your primary media sharing host computer

give it the 30 seconds from the time it’s fully booted

attempt to use wd to connect to the network share / windows share

if asks for name and password, well that’s a different forum (sorry, i’m still working on this part, but i have access to everything again using annonymous)

from here you can start any other computers or devices that you turned off initially

I did have to re-share a couple of folders off of main machine, but at this point, everything is FUNCTIONING!

if this does not work or causes half your computer room to fall over into the back yard… Sorry, but i do hope that this Does help many of you who’ve had problems with the more recent updates



Thank you for sharing this information.