Network Connection link dropped - Software does not recognize drive

Hello all,

I’ve had  a “problem” with the My Book Live software for a while now where the software does not recognize the drive even though I can log into the drive through my browser. I believe it might be an issue with the router as I updated the firmware on the drive recently and it showed up then, but not after I reset my computer. I have noticed that I tend to lose my connection to the internet every once in a while and think that might have something to do with it. My service provider is Rogers (in Canada, would never recommend to anyone, only option in our building). 

I have the drive set up with a static IP and have dedicated that IP to it in the router, but that hasn’t solved any of my problems. I usually don’t have any problem accessing the drive in other ways (PS3, Linux computer) other than the playing of music files cutting out for a second or two every once in a while, but the big issue for me is that the software cannot find the drive as we purchased it principally as a backup for the computers in our house.

If anyone could offer any help that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

You can try to map the My Book Live manually using the static IP Address, if you have a Windows 7 or vista PC you can click on start then on the search box enter \“the my book live IP” and then enter, if you have a Windows XP computer click on Start then run and enter \“the my book live IP”, the public folder should appear , right click on it and then select map network drive and then finish.

Another way you can try: