My Book Live not recognized by Router


I’m troubleshooting a wd my book live that my brother in law brought home from work.  I’ve been reading the posts here and can’t find exactly the same issue i’m having.

There’s two issues that are immediately obvious to me:

1.  On the cd sleeve there is an ip that starts with 169.250.x.x.  Do I have to create a different subnet on the router just for it to connect?  i’m not sure if the router I’m using has this ability.

2.  when I plug it in as per the instructions, the router doesn’t even show it as a connected device.  Could this be because of its unique ip range or something more like the other issues here where the device has failed and needs to be replaced?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Just use the reset button,  it will set it back to DHCP and reset the owner password.  Read the manual for info on how to do that.

Thanks for the tip.  I’m assuming it won’t but will this effect the data stored on the drive?  I know it’s a stupid question but I need to make sure I recover all of the data.


It won’t affect the data on the drive.