Netflix on Wdtvlive hub fw vs 3.12.13

Hi All, i couldnt find any topic helpfull about the issue im facing.

here is the thing .i got two wd tv products, one is wdtvlive hub version 3.12.13 and the other one is a wdtv live .

i can access netflix without any issues on the wdtvlive , both are connected via ethernet to a router which has access to internet.

i can access to netflix from all the devices except that one.

i can access youtube and other internet services from wdtvlive hub.

Error message from netflix is.

Unable to connecct to Netflix. Please Try again or visit …

any ideas ?

Are you U.S. Based ?   AKAIK it only supports U.S.

(fine print at the bottom left side)  right click > view image > left click > enlarge

The WDTV Live Streaming supports more countries

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i bought the device in the us , but im living in argentina.

what i dont understand is why the other wdtv works and this one not (i bouhgt the other also in the us , bestbuy both)

just finished reading the previous post, that **bleep** :frowning: i was hoping it was an issue of the firmware but seems to be that is a hw thing.

no worries, i’ll buy another wd when i get to the us , or a chromecast if it works with netflix here.

thank for the reply !