Netflix availability _UK Ireland

Hi, can anyone tell me if there has been any update on WD’s position on the availability of Netflix on WDTV Live hub. I purchased this player (and recommended to others) with the view that once Netflix became available in the UK and Ireland  that it would obviously be available on WD TV Live Hub. this doesn’t seem unreasonable however it appears that for some technical reason they cannot release a firmware update to fix the issue, the issue is in fact hardware related. It seems a bit disingenuous to advertise something in Ireland with Netflix capability in the US and then “realise” that it won’t work elsewhere due to some obscure technical problem.

Don’t think it’s going to happen unless a firmware update can get around the problem of non USA devices not having DRM chips.  This has been answered before.

Only work around is to buy a USA live hub  WDBABZ0010BBK-NESN and connect via a USA VPN service.