Netflix - how do i get it on my WDTV

I have just recently been thinking of getting netflix, but wanted to run it from the wdtv, i have checked and netflix is not listed in the internet options.  Any ideas how i get the service onto my box??

Do you have the right WDTV?  Only three models support NetFlix;  The Live Plus, the Live Hub, and the Live Streaming Media Player (2011).

Also, it’s not available in all countries where NetFlix has service.

When I previously checked, there are 2 different version of the WD TV Live Hub in the market.  

The one in the US has a hardware chip for Netflix decryption.  

If your unit comes without Netflix, it does not seem like there’s an option to install it as it requires a hardware change. 

There is no option for it to be added. If you have a non-US unit that does not support Netflix you are out of luck.