Netflix Canada on the Live Hub

When will we be getting it…

I just bought it today from Best Buy here in London Ontario.

The Best Buy staff told me Netflix worked on it in Canada but that was incorrect.

I returned the smaller brother version of this, the Live HD media player from Western Digital and returned it.

Now I have no choice but to return this tomorrow.

I wish Western Digital did something FAST.

Boxee Box is coming next month and will have NetFlix for Canada on it.

I will be pre-ordering it after I return this device.

Oh and why couldnt they WIFI to the HUB!!!  It cost me $294 in total to get this with a D-Link wifi adapter.

Seriously.  WD you have to act fast, you are losing a lot of customers.

If I get a serious response, of some sort of good news, about NetFlix Coming to Canada, for the Live Hub then I will consider keeping it.

I want to believe, I really do.  Its a nice device with its 1TB HDD built in, love how its syncing all my files on my portable HDD to the hub.  

I dont mind paying more to get wifi on it, just wished Netflix Worked on this, and it would be the ultimate media streamer :frowning:

I’d assume that WD is “looking into it” like they are with the Live Plus.

That was one of the first things I noticed when the box was leaked out in Alberta – the same “U.S. Only” for NetFlix right on the box, just as with the Live Plus.

With lead times and everything else, the device was probably already designed and in production when NetFlix even announced they were planning to come to Canada.

Best buy just told me today that mp3’s won’t play on an iPod, they are just flat clueless about their products…

I had tried 3 media streaming devices prior to this one.  Best Buy staff people always gave me wrong info…

They told me that the fine print is wrong because he said he has Netflix on his PS3 at home.  Dumb ■■■■■.

I don’t even ask them questions… but I did break 2 of their POS terminals today… and the clerk couldn’t log into a new one to ring up the purchase because she was still logged in on the one that froze. :smileyvery-happy:

Please see this thread for information:

That doesnt help anyone. Why would you sell these products in canada is beyond me. I cant imagine all the returns you must be getting and money lost. I have returned 3 of your products so far. The people in the stores are misinformed. Seriously, now for sure I’m returning this hub tomorrow.

One last thing, at least lower the price for us in canada for lacking tons of features. Don’t charge used full price for less. You can start with that.

This is a cut and paste that I saw on another web site and don’t know what is involved or allowed legally …

“Then pay $5/mos. for a US VPN service. Once you disguise your IP address you will be able to access ALL USA content, including Hulu, the networks, Netflix USA, etc.”

This was contained in a review comment about the Boxee box services. Curently the service is blocked due to you IP address. I also do have a neighbour who has joined Netflix via his PS3 here in Canada. I checked it out and thought it was ok for the price, but don’t expect current new movie releases. Lots of programming to keep you from getting fresh air. Netflix will be available vi Blu-Ray Players, Game consoles and eventually Smart Phones. The compression is very high so don’t expect High quality video at a high bit rate. Streaming video is about half of SD DVD but is upconverted to HD display rates not HD Video. Remember VHS video can be digitized, upconverted, interpolated to fit any screen format. 

Netflix will eventually be available for all and I will use the hub for its primary purpose of streaming HD quality Video locally.

Smiley wrote:

This is a cut and paste that I saw on another web site and don’t know what is involved or allowed legally …


Sure, you can proxy your way past to look like you’re watching from the U.S., but you still need a U.S. account on a credit card billed to a U.S. address.  The proxy won’t help with that part.

Most of the cheaper / reputable VPN providers have limits or ToS against high bandwidth activities like P2P and video streaming. Check the ToS / fine print before handing over your CC details. I’d be amazed if anyone offed 5Mbps capacity (realistic minimum for Netflix HD) for $5/month.

I find this quite funny.

My PS3 is unable to execute the Netflix App because I bought the PS3 when I was living in Japan.  Netflix (apparently) has locked out non-North American purchased consoles for some sort of “Region” reasons.

I’m guessing Netflix is actually to blame for the WD TV Live Plus and the Hub to not being able to connect.  If authentication was the same, it wouldn’t make a difference to the Western Digital side of the equation.

If Netflix wants me as a customer, they’ll fix one of the above issues.  If not… I’ll just play AVIs and MKVs.

I’m not a programmer but you would figure they could come out with a firmware update for Canada that would just point to instead of

Cybrt3k wrote:

I’m not a programmer but you would figure they could come out with a firmware update for Canada that would just point to instead of

I doubt NetFlix is that silly; they probably use Global Server Load Balancers…  Same hostname gets routed to the closest server geographically or other fancy metrics…

But they’re also filtering on ESN’s and such, so if NetFlix doesn’t allow certain hardware to access content in certain regions, they’re going to block it.

I’m going to follow this thread as well since I also purchased the WD LIVE, primarily for Netflix.

Just wanted to register another owner’s interest in having support added.  I’l be bugging netflix as well to get the discussions moving with WD.

If you want access to Netflix Canada, you can get Playon media server, it will allow you to access from almost any device.

Playon server costs $79.99. That’s almost as much as a new WD TV Live. I wouldn’t call that a solution.

Yes, for a lifetime subscription it is $79.99, but it’s $39.99 for a year & $19.99 every year after.  I know that $79.99 sounds like a lot, but you have to remember Playon will work on anything that can use a media server, not to mention it allows more than just Netflix to be streamed.  And the price for a lifetime subscription is about as much as it cost me for one month of Sat. service without any premium content.

And it is a solution since there are very few media players out there that have Netflix Canada.  Or you could just go get yourself an Apple TV, which does stream Netflix Canada natively, but you are going to lose out on the ability to have 1080p.