Netflix canada

OK Live Hub is available in Canada now but Netflix is still not working. In my mind this is a major feature for a product like this and Netflix has been available in Canada since October so why has there been no update to get it working and when is this going to happen.

This should be priority one for Canadian customers.


There’s nothing indicating that NetFlix will EVER be available on WD’s products in Canada.   WD said they’re looking into it, but that doesn’t mean much… 

The products do state “US Only” for NetFlix on the packaging and documentation…

The only media streamer currently supported in Canada is AppleTV (ignoring the consoles for a moment).

So even companies with a long history of Netflix streaming, like Roku, do not have Netflix streaming working for Canadian users.

At this point, it seems more like the issue lies with Netflix rather than the media streamer manufacturers…

I didnt mean to imply they mislead me as they do clearly say it isnt available and they are looking into it but have no ETA.

All Im saying is such an important feature should have been address before the release in Canada.

Im sure they will have a firmware update int eh future that will fix the issue.

This American only service is ■■■■ in my mind. It is an internet service and therefore should be available ANYWHERE…Same goes for Satellite service but this is all government regulation ■■■■ that screws the consumer.

I don’t think Netfilx was actually available to Canadians when the hub was released.

The HUB actually just became available in my area within the last week or two and I am Near Toronto. Netflix became available back in October or November. All of that is symantecs really. All I am saying is such a major feature should have been made available at release considering Netflix was available here before the device release. The fact that they have no ETA or even if they plan on releasing it is my problem. At the very least they could say Yes we will be adding Netflix Canada support in the second qaurter or something.

I’m in Toronto and it has been available for months.

If I know Netflix there probably aren’t enough people in Canada to interest them.  I, and many others have been trying for years to get them to stream subtitles on their movies.  Nearly 2 years ago they made a press release claiming they were finally going to stream subs but it was about a year away.  This was a delaying tactic.  As of today a few movies have subs but NF won’t even furnish a list because the list is so small it would be evidence of their disinterest.  I believe there are more deaf & HOH people than Canadians so it doesn’t surprise me that NF doesn’t care about either.

The box for the live hub has English and French on it. It was clearly printed for the Canadian market. Why even bother putting a netflix logo on the Canadian packaging, if there is no intention of ever supporting Netflix Canada?

It’s not “Canadian” packaging… It’s North-American.   Canada and the US get the same packaging.  Not sure about Mexico…

You can access Netflix Canada with Playon media server.  This may not be ideal, but it is a work around.