Need to get my Passport to show up in WD Smartware

I just got a new computer with Windows 10 and downloaded the the newest Smartware, My …my Book Elite shows up when I click icon but my passport is not showing up in the same program. On my old computer , when I signed ito windows it would unlock the My Book and then when i clicked the Icon on the toolbar. I was able to see the Passport in there, but had to enter a password . And when I did they both showed up in the Smartware window.
As for now the Passport drive shows up mu the My computer icon when I double click, I would just like it in the same place it was on my last computer. I hope you guys can help. And thanks Bryan B

Hi Bryan,
Are you able to access both drives from File Explorer (My computer)?
Do they both have a letter assigned?

You know I reinstalled Smartware and they both appeared, I am stunned and happy. Thank you for the email sir. Bryan