Need help with remote Web Acces on DX4000

Ok, I have been pulling my hair out for days over the remote web access.  I finally got the whole certificate thing figured out and installed on the server.  My newest problem is that now when I try to access the server by using the domain name I setup through Microsoft, it takes me to my Comcast router’s login screen instead of the DX4000 login screen.  I have checked that the ports are forwarded correctly and pointing to the DX.  Any other suggestions as to what I need to do?  I don’t want to return it, but I am pretty much at that point now as we need to be able to login remotely.

Any help is appreciated.


Welcome to the Community.

Does your router allow remote access to your local network?

try  with the “s”

If that still loads the router, the router must have remote managment enabled on port 443, but the router should have complained when your forwarded port 443 to the DX server

Also, you need to try this from outside the network