Sentinel DX4000 remote web access


Im having trouble accessing my DX4000 remotely, I am using explorer 9 as default browser and have set up the domain name with a windows live account.

Do I need a static IP address for the network that the DX4000 sits on?

Many thanks

No but you must forward ports 80 and 443 from the router to the DX

yeah I have same problem, but get an error

so tell me how do you forward ports 80 and 443 from the router to the DX???

This page has all the info you will need to setup Remote Web Access. If your router has UPnP enabled, the remote web access setup wizard automatically forwards the necessary ports for you.


Here is another link that came from vineet’s link that goes straight to the router setup

I know for comcast xfinity routers I had to assign the ports for the sentinel, otherwise remote access will go out from time to time.  Also keep in mind that you’re remote web address will also change from time to time based on what is coming from you’re isp, so keep close tabs on you’re IP with sites such as ipchicken or similar.

If you use your * address it will update with your current IP automatically akin to services like No-IP and DynDNS. A nice little service MS has provided since WHS v1.