Remote web access for WD Sentinel DX4000

Hello guys

I have problem in setup router it gives me error. 

Can you tell me what the setting for router I have to set!!

And for web access do I need static IP or external domain !!

Please provide me the information for setting the server and router to be able to access from internet


From the dashboard, click server settings, then remote web access.  Turn on, skip router setup and get a free domain name from MS.

Then you need to forward ports 80 and 443 from your router to the server

Thank you for response

i made domain and forward the ports in router but i can’t access

there is something strange … in the remote web access page in server setting the router IP is wrong but if i press on more information i see the IP for gateway is the right router IP 

the router ip it shows there is the public ip

so if you were afar you could type that ip or the to get to your web site.

if you type ping from a cmd prompt it should translate to that public ip