I want to access my dx4000 at home I've tried everything please help!

I have the server set up at a business and I’m trying to access it at home please tell me thats possible???

Depends on if you are using port 443 at work for anything else. If not you can run the remote wizard on the server then forward port 443 from your router to the server

On the server dashboard click server settings on the right, then remote access

ok but another question why does it only allow me to access the sentinel when i first install the dashboard after that it says server not found??? this confuses me and thanks for the help gramps

do you think its because I’m running parallels

Perhaps, you should be able to remote desktop to the server and launch the dashboard from there. Uaername is administrator

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gramps i don’t know if this is possible but can you email me your number so
we can talk i have a few questions ill be more than glad to compensate you
for your troubles


I am busy today and perhaps tomorrow, Skype is best as I can see your screen and talk to you :slight_smile:

perfect i will get my Skype setup today just go ahead and email me with the info

so i still can’t get the remote desktop to work

I have to keep on having to uninstall and re install it to get it to work…
I’m pretty sure its not supposed to be like like…

Watch this video and tell me where you are having a problem. This is for remote access. The video says you need 80, 443, and 4125. 4125 is actually not needed, he made mistake.

Oh, it says Home server, but the DX 4000 uses the same wizards, the domain name is just different