HELP. Trying to set up my DX400 for remote web access

Please help, I am tring to set up my DX400 to have remote web access. i purchased the wd my net 900 router. I have a static ip address but none of my computers outside of my office network can access the dx4000. What do I need to do to my router or my dx4000? Not sure what to do. Is there a setting on the router i need to change?   The computers I am tring to connect say the server is offline.

you need to forward port 443 to the DX

Then from afar type https://whateverdomainname you set up in the wizzard on the dx

did you try to review this section on online help?:

Not sure how to do that, I know I can access my server via remotewebaccess but when I try to use the launchpad it gives an error saying my server is offline. Can someone walk me through all the steps of properly setting up my mynet900 router, also i just received a staic ip from my ISP.

If you mean launch the dashboard from the launchpad from afar, no that will never work.  From RWA connect to the server and u can launch it