Need help with my new WD elements hard drive

so i bought this WD Elements 2TB online from with usb cable compatble for both 2.0 and 3.0. when i hook it to my personal laptop which has windows 7 professional as OS (byt the way its 2 year old laptop). as soon as i hook it up i get a little icon on right side conrner of my laptop saying driver installed successfully but not recognized as i dont see it under my Computer where all the drives will be shown and when i go to disk management i see it as unallocated and not able to format when i try to format it. but when i connect to my office desk top which has same OS as my laptop 1st time it asked me if i want to format which i did and its just works fine from then, so i thought it will be fine with my laptop as well but for my distress its same again. is it problem with my usb ports , if so then my other hard drive shouldnt be working right but they work just fine. 

does anyone had the same issue , please help me out with sugesstions and advises as i m getting frustated with this. 


Hi there, welcome to the community.

It might be that your computer is not providing enough power, have you checked on the power settings on your computer?