Need help with firmware problem

Got a new live and after setup needed to update the firmware. Downloaded the 1.01.11 from the site and unzipped to the root of a USB thumb drive. Went into setup and it saw that there was an update available and clicked to proceed. It did a few things then rebooted and came up with the Updating firmware screen but sat on 0% for over an hour and wouldn’t do anything. I finally had to power off the unit. If I boot up without the thumb drive it has the splash screen but stays there. If I put the thumb drive in it comes up to the updating firmware screen but stays at 0%. Any ideas. I’ve updated firmware on more things than I can remember but never had an issue like this. Am I screwed?

No, I had the same problem.

The firmware loader has problems with some usb sticks.

Especially if they are greater than 2GB.

By using the smallest one I have (1GB) it worked fine.

Mine updated great off a 16GB stick.