Need help with 3TB WD Element WDBAAU0030HBK

I just bought this new 3TB WD Element p/n WDBAAU0030HBK. 

I copied some avi, mkv to it , and it is not  recognized with both WD Media devices that I have.

device1 is  WD TV Live Streaming Media Player running  latest firmware 1.13.18

device 2 is WD TV Live HD Media player  also  running latest firmware  1.06.15_V.

I already tried reformat the drive NTFS as a whole drive as well as split it to  two 1.5TB drives.

Also tried put  .AVI at the root folder.

Also tried copy  .WD_TV folder from my 2TB drive as well.

Tried using the front USB port.

Tried plug in  directly to wall.

Measured Voltage @12.35 w no load, adapter is 12V - 1.5A.

Tried reset the unit to Factory Default



Have you tried reformating the drive and testing that again?


I have the same

Everything works correctly