Need help to migrate from MBL to MBL Duo


As my MBL is nearly full, I decided to replace it with a MBL Duo.

I will use it mainly as a DLNA video server (I have a lot a video files recorded with my DVB-T recorder), and as a backup destination for my laptop files.

Then, could you please give me some answers / advices on the following subjects:

  • what is the most stable firmware for the MBL Duo as of today ? My MBL was running with fw 02.11.09-053

  • does the embedded DLNA server works correctly, or should I directly install twonky 7 (+ licence). On my MBL, I had no problem at all with the embedded twonky server.

  • any other important things I should be aware of ?

Thanks for your help



1-I haven’t seen any widespread issues with the latest firmware (2.42.02), you can check the main thread for the firmware release.

2-You can try using the supported version of Twonky media server or the latest DLNA server, to see which one works best for you.

3-You can check the My Book manual for more information.


So, I started my new MBL Duo installation this morning.

These are my first remarks, maybe yo can give me some info or will have some remarks about this:

  • upgraded to latest firmware => no problem

  • change network setting with a fix IP address => no problem

  • enable SSH => no problem

  • set admin password => no problem

  • create a Media share, with R/W access granted to existing user admin and brand new user media

=> 1st problem here, I am not able to access this share from windows using the admin user (but ok with the media user). After multiple tests, changing admin password, etc … I realize the admin user is not listed in the /etc/samba/smbpasswd file

I solve the problem with the following command: smbpasswd -a admin

  • then I plug a 2.5’ passport HDD to the MBLD usb port and start a copy of my video files (around 35mn for 50 gbytes with a simple cp -R, seems correct)

  • now, I test the embedded dlna server using my personnal media player connected to the TV

=> 2nd problem here: video length for .TS files is not correct (ex: a 2h movies is recognized as a 18mn movie).

It seems this problem only impacts .TS files (bad luck, 90% of my video files are .TS files)

So I decide to install twonky 7.0.9 to check if that solves the problem. The answer is yes, video length of my TS files is now correct.

NB: I installed it using this tutorial:

More to come today I presume :wink:

Any comments ?


My MBLD is now up and running since last saturday, and works like a charm.

I am using twonky 7 as DLNA server, and think I will buy the licence in the next few days, unless WD quickly corrects the wrong duration bug on .TS files.

Is anybody else here aware of this bug ?