WD MBL and Twonky Media Server issues

Hi Guys

Thanks in advance for reading my post.

I’m in need of some help - I have a WD My Book Live 3TB which has just been updated to the latest firmware version 2.42.02-012

It also had Twonky Version 5.19 even though the NAS is less than 12 months old but has been upgraded to 7.2.1

The problem I’m experiencing is as follows - I have had an LG smart tv for over 12 months happily streaming .mp4 files from MBL using the old Twonky 5.19

I have just purchased a new (2012) Toshiba 32RL958 for upstairs as it is Wi-Fi enabled and DLNA certified and I believe all my settings are correct.

I am able to access MBL and browse the contents fine but whenever I select a film to play I keep getting the following message after a couple of seconds of attempted decoding “media playback error”

I am at a total loss as to what I can try because I know the files are ok and I believe I have done what I need to in order to update all hardware.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Ryan

Check your user manual to make sure the set supports .mp4 files over dlna

Hi Thanks for your response.

Just checked the manual and the is both support for .mp4 using a usb drive and for DMS :confounded:

P.S. I forgot to add here that I currently haven’t upgraded and bought the licence for Twonky 7.2.1 yet until I was happy that the issue was fixed.
Would this bear any significance on the problems I’m having?

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t use either Twonky or the WD DLNA Server. I am sure someone in here will be better equipped to answer that question.

If you want, you can try the WD DLNA Server but from what I hear, it has it’s issues too.


Install it from the dashboard like you would if you were to upgrade the firmware from a file. This will switch the DLNA server over to the WD one.

To switch back to Twonky if the WD Media Server doesn’t work as expected, download this file and do the same


Thanks for your guidance - Im not experiencing too much joy with the WD DLNA server either now.

What media server software are you using with your WD MBL??



None, I use network shares to stream media from my MyBookLive to my WDTV’s

Right then - I now believe I have the solution to this.

I have just downloaded and installed the WD DLNA server to MBL with the latest firmware.

Re-scanned and re-built the databases.

accessed the MBL from both TV sets and it works fine - the only complaint I have is the fact that there are now some extra directories added to the folder structure so if anyone knows how to configure these so that I can remove a couple of them as they are not needed.

Thanks again.