Need HELP Setting Up FTP

Hey Everyone, I just got my WD My Book Live 2TB and I got it setup for local networking, but I work in two different offices and want to keep all my files on the MBL at my house and have 1 central location to access the files. I’m a Mac user and have an Airport Extreme. I also have Charter internet service. I’ve already set up port 21 for FTP and that’s about it. I have NO idea where to go from here and there are no help files regarding this. I’m a graphic designer but know nothing about networking so any help would be appreciated. I have my own FTP client that I use on all three of my Mac’s so I don’t want another program (Miofit) to use and I’d rather just add another site to that client to tap into my stuff whenever. Where do I go from here? How do I get this setup easily? Please help! Thanks in advance, -Brilor04

Hi there, what if you try this syntax:


It works works for me :slight_smile:

And what does the WAN replace? 

Sushi BTW…

It’s the public IP address of the MBL :slight_smile: