FTP Access Help

Hello All -

I just got the MyBook Live Home Edition and set it up.  I’m trying to access the HD remotely through FTP (not MioNet).  I enabled FTP access on the portal site but don’t know what I should do next to be able to access it via FTP.  The Manual is of absolutely no use in this regard.  

Can someone either point me to a tutorial or help me get set up? I don’t know much about how to do this.  I’m relatively new to NAS.

Thank You!

Can anyone help? This is what I’ve done so far. 

  1. Assigned a Static IP

  2. Port Forwarding to 21

I have no idea what else to do.  


What do you mean you enabled FTP on the “PORTAL SITE?”   What’s that?     If you’re not using MIONet, there’s no portals involved, or are you just talking about the MBL’s web gui?

Your steps sound correct…

Use a static IP, enable FTP on the MBL configuration, and forward port 21.   That’s pretty much it.

Yeah Sorry I meant the MBL Web GUI.  I did those steps I mentioned but now what? When I open up an ftp client, what do I enter in the login?


The userid and password you defined on the MBL user account.

Tony thanks for the help.  This is going to sound super noob but the static IP i assigned is relatively common.  When connecting remotely using my ftp client (im using cyberduck), how does the client know to connect to my specific machine/IP?

You have to tell it your INTERNET address, not your MyBook Live address.

Ah makes much more sense!

I assigned a Static IP to the MBL but my internet IP address is Dynamic.  Is this correct? Or should the Internet IP be static and not the MBL?


MBL internal LAN adress must be staticly set in your router. like

If your Internet address is dinamic and it changes a lot,  you can use dyndns or similar service to assign name adress to

your dynamic IP. All modern routers usually support that feature. Or if not, then you can set that in your NAS (at least you can did it MyBook World Edition… no idea about Live).

So basicly, for accessing your device from internet you must know its internet adress. 

Is it not so much problem if it is dynamic or static…

If your ISP provide only dynamic IP address (external), follow below steps (you have done some parts):

  1. Register a Dynamic DNS Service (Hostname) at any Dynamic DNS Service provider.

     Most of them are free of charge for basic use. (Dyndns.com etc, you may search from Internet)

  1. If your router support Dynamic DNS updating, fill in necessary information such as Hostname, Domain Name,

    User Name, Password in your router.


    Or, you may download an Updater (software) and install in your PC.

    In this case, you have to take note that your external IP address (=router IP address) may change after certain

    period. (Different according to ISP. My one is about every 72 hours) And, definitely will change whenever you reboot

    your router. Make sure your external IP address registered with your Hostname is same with actual external IP

    address before you try to access files by using FTP connection. You may update your external IP address with your

    Hostname by running the Updater.

  1. Forward TCP port 21 to your MBL IP address (internal) at your router. MBL IP address must be set static at UI, or

     you may set your DHCP server (at router) to always assign same IP address to MBL base on the MAC, if your router

     support this function. 

  1. Even though you can access FTP server through Web browser, it is easier to use a FTP Client. Follow the

     instruction of the FTP Client manual for how to connect to your server. Normally, informations require to connect are

     the Hostname that you registered with Dynamic DNS Provider, User Name and the Password that you created at


Be careful that data transfer through FTP is not encrypted and therefore is not secured.