FTP Setup again........for noobie

Dear all,

I have read through the ftp thread here regarding the ftp setup, but i still hv no idea how to setup the ftp for my MBL…All i know is i need to forward ftp port (port 21) to my MBL, register for DyDNS etc…but i really have no idea how to set it up…

I have registered my external IP with www.no-ip.com, and had assigned a static internal IP for my MBL…I duno what should i do next…can anyone tell me what should i fill in for the following screen shot? I’m using D-Link router…

This is the setting screen of my MBL for remote access, do i need to fill anything here?Do i need to change to manual connection? currently i set to automatic mode…

And this is my D-Link router…how should i fill in anything here?

Greatly appreciate if anyone of u could provide proper guidance to a newbie like me…

Thank you…

Hi, I think the link below might help. :smiley:


On the MyBook Live you don’t need remote access enabled. If you’re not used WD2Go then turn Remote access off.  Turn THIS on BUT ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE SET-UP PASSWORDS THAT ARE DIFFUCUKT TO GUESS AND WON’T BE DISCOVERED BY A BRUTE FORCE HACK ATTEMPT.

For example, a secutre passwords could be (guess how I derived it): An120317nos

Obviously don’t use THAT password.   :smiley:

Turn FTP on.

Let’s assume the IP address of your MBL is  (Substitute that with your MBL’s IP address).

On the router . . .

NAME: Whatever you wish to call the entry.

APPLICATION: If FTP is an option in there, select that.

PUBLIC PORT: From port 20 to 21.


PRIVATE: ( . . but obviously you would key in the IP address of your MBL.)

PUBLIC IP: I suspect you leave this blank.

PRIVATE PORT: 20 (If you need to specify a port range for PRIVATE PORT then 20 to 21.)


I’m not familier with that router but there should be an option on the router for Dynamic DNS where you can select no-ip, you can then put in the username and password you use for no-ip and that will program the router to tell no-ip your router’s public IP address so then you can find your router and connect to it from the Internet using the no-ip domain name you registered.

Once that lot is done, try connect to your MBL from outside your local network.  (aka. from the Internet)

Below is the thing i done:

  • forward port 20-21 to MBL internal IP

  • Register DyDNS for my router external IP

  • Enabled FTP in my MBL

  • Checked my router firewall, and it does not block FTP service

However, when i try to access via FTP to my MBL using the internet browser by entering ftp://admin@mybooklivepublicIP, nothing happened…

Anyone can advise what should I do next?

Your Internet access provider may be blocking ports 20 and 21.  Also, you Internet access provider may be using a double NAT configuration at their end.  If they are using a double NAT configuration then unless they can work their magic you won’t be able to access your FTP server from the Internet.

Last place I worked I has to request that the ISP unblocks the ports used for FTP.  The ISP blocked it by default.

Try use a dedicated FTP client, like FileZilla and see what happens before blaming your ISP.

I installed filezilla and try to connect to my MBL…but it shows “connection lost to server”…

However, i have a FTP client in my android phone, and i able to FTP to my MBL with no no problem…

Not sure wat is the problem here…

If you have a firewall on your computer, could that be getting in the way?