Connecting MBL to PC directly

Good Day Folks,

Here is the scenario. MBL was connected to my router. MBL was set up to get ip via dhcp.

For an odd reason, i had to shut down the MBL and unplug from router ( i cant use the router anymore). So i connected MBL to my Laptop directly via ethernet cable.

I wasnt sure what ip i would need to set up on my laptop to connect to the MBL. I tried 192.168.x.x range and 172.16.x.x range as well.( Please remember that MBL was setup for DHCP). I tried pinging almost all the possible ip’s in te range 192.168.x.x and 172.16.x.x ( wrote a script for it). But the MBL did not responded to any of them.

Then i contacted WD to find out what ip will MBL default to if there is no DHCP server. Gentleman on the phone advised that it will be 169.254.x.x ip ( windows deault ip).  I replied to  him that my laptop is not a DHCP server, so how come MBL would get 169.254.x.x ip. 

Next he told me to “ping mybooklive”. I asked him that how come “mybooklive” ping go through when there is no dns server as well, thus the name mybooklive will not get translated.

Long story short, tech was right. When i did do “ping mybooklive”. i got response and the ip MBL got was 169.254.x.x

I am glad its working BUT i am having hard time understanding how this worked. How did MBL got 169.254.x.x ip when my laptop isn’t DHCP server. And how come “ping mybooklive” worked when there was no DNS server.

Any help is appreciated.

169.254.x.x is the IP assined when timing out looking for a DHCP server.

Thanks. That makes sense.

How about dns. How come i was able to “ping mybooklive” in absence of any dns server. How did the “mybooklive” got translated to ip. Is it that my laptop broadcasted the request, and MBL responding to it providing the table.


The MBL allows mDNS.