Can MBL connected to laptop be accessed in other device in the network?

Hi, I am a newbie and just wondering… I connected My Book Live to my laptop using the straight ethernet cable. The laptop is connected to the internet via wifi. Is it possible to access the MBL in other devices from the same network group as the laptop? How about through internet? Secondly, how to get the ip address of the MBL in the said setup?

The MyBookLive needs to plugged into a spare ethernet port in the router. it will obtain an IP address via DHCP. Then all other devices on you network should be able to connect to it, whether wired or wi-fi.

The IP address for the MyBookLive can be found by entering the dashboard http://mybooklive and going into SETTINGS > NETWORK. Alternatively you could look at the router’s DHCP clients if your router allows you to do that or look at devices in your network from your Laptop’s OS

There is also some setup software supplied by WD.